1. Name:
(a) The name given to the collective of Port Vale fans in London and the South East is North London Valiants (PVSC – London Branch).

2. Aims and Objectives
To act as a contact point for Vale fans exiled in London, South East and outside the North Staffordshire region. (b) To increase the profile in London and the South East. (c) To support Vale fan based initiatives that we deem to be for the benefit of the club and football in general ie Valiants Against Racism, Port Vale Supporter Group and the Sproson Fund. (d) To inform all exiles via the NLV website and email circulars of any event or news we deem relevant to the wider Vale fan base. (e) To advice / arrange travel and accommodation to home and away games should sufficient interest be there.

3. Membership
(a) Affiliation to NLV is on an informal basis – we welcome any Vale fan who adheres to the ethos set out above. (b) There will be no membership fee – any expenses incurred regarding transport and social events to be paid out individually or split by the participating parties. (c) The “no membership fee” shall continue until either membership increases or that a member should propose such a route.

4. Administration
The general affairs will be administrated by an eight person committee; Steve Burdekin, Stuart Salt, Marcus Adams, Jon Parker, Malcolm Hirst, Chris Flye, Tim McNicholas and Martin Goodwin. Any other member can nominate themselves to become an active member. (b) No official committee will be implemented due to the nature of NLV being a small informal collective. Any member of NLV can propose the need for an official committee and if deemed necessary. (c) This document is freely available via the NLV website: